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$1000.00 REWARD Program Guidelines:


Thanks for inquiring about the $1000.00 REWARD program and how you could earn extra CASH with potentially very little effort.  You could earn a $1000.00 REWARD just for knowing someone who needs to sell a house!   It could be just that easy!  There is however some guidelines that should be followed in order for you to earn your $1000.00 REWARD so please read on. 


Here are the basics on how this all works:


1.      You find a house or an owner of a house that is a potential candidate for our hassle free home sale program.

2.      You collect some information about the house and the owner and provide it to us. Preferably, if you know this person, you would have them contact us directly and we would collect their information directly.  THEY MUST PROVIDE YOUR NAME AND YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION FOR YOU TO GET PAID.

3.      After we process the information obtained and we do some research, we will determine if the house is a candidate for our home sale program.

4.      If we purchase the house that you provided information about, we will pay you your $1000.00 REWARD when we close the transaction.

5.      It’s that simple!  Keep in mind we will pay you a $1000.00 REWARD for every property purchased from information you provided. 


Now, here are some important Guidelines for you to follow, and some helpful tips to increase your success in finding information about houses we will most likely purchase. 


1.                  Where should you look for properties?


(a)    Anywhere in the Central Virginia Region.  Currently we are focused on the area including the 64 corridor between Richmond and Staunton and the 29 corridor between Lynchburg and Culpeper.  We will however consider properties outside of the region, If you think we might be interested in something outside this area we will be happy to take a look at what you bring us.


2.                  What type of properties should you look for?


(a)      We will consider ANY PROPERTY in most areas within the above stated region with some exceptions (see undesirable property types below).


PREFERABLE and DESIREABLE property types include:

·  Houses in nice neighborhoods that might be a little rough around the edges and needing some noticeable TLC.

·  Vacant Houses.

·  Houses on larger parcels of land.

·  Duplex, 4-Plex, Multi-family properties.

·  Houses with out of state owners.

·  House in need of obvious repair.

·  Properties that the owner is in default on their loan(s).

·  Houses For Sale By Owner for more than 5 months.


UNDESIRABLE property types would include:

·  Mobile homes in parks.

·  Property in heavily crime ridden neighborhoods (‘War Zones’).  These areas could be considered unsafe, and dangerous and are where most reasonable people would not consider living.

·  Extremely small house (700 sqft or less), UNLESS there is obvious and reasonable room to expand.


      ADDITIONAL comments on other UNDESIREABLE properties:

·  REALTOR® listed properties typically don’t qualify as quality candidates for our hassle free home sales programs, UNLESS, your are personally aware of the owners high motivation, or the property is listed significantly below what would be considered retail value, or you know personally that the listing will be expiring soon.


3.                  What information should you obtain about the property and owner?




Keep in mind that, the more information you provide to us about the property and the owner, the more likely we will purchase the property, increasing your chances of obtaining your $1000.00 REWARD.  You will still receive your $1000.00 REWARD if we buy a house from any information you provide us, however, you will want to increase your odds of a successful transaction by providing the most information possible.


(a)         Click here to find the $1000.00 REWARD Property Information Form.  Print it, and fill it out the best possible.  The fax it to us at 434-964-1008, or mail it to us at 977 Seminole Trail #272, Charlottesville, VA 22901.

(b)     You will also need to submit a signed copy of the Participation Agreement and disclaimer statement in order to obtain your reward.  Click here to print the Participation Agreement and Disclaimer statement.


4.                  Where can you find more details information about the property and the owner?

(a)         Many of the local counties have real estate assessment and tax payer information available online.  Following is a list of website addresses that will be helpful:

·        http://www.vamanet.com/info/home.jsp

·        http://www.onlinegis.net/

·       http://albemarlevapropertymax.governmaxa.com/propertymax/rover30.asp

·       http://albemarlevapropertymax.governmaxa.com/propertymax/rover30.asp

(b)    And of course if it is convenient or worth your time you can physically visit the county offices of the county where the property resided.



5.                  What should you say when talking to property owners unknown to you?


(a)         If you find yourself talking to the owner of the house and you’re not sure what to say; you can tell the owner that you “know of an experienced local real estate investment company that may be able to help get their house sold quickly and easily for all cash.”  Feel free to provide our information for the owner to contact us, but again, remember, THEY MUST PROVIDE YOUR NAME AND YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION FOR YOU TO GET PAID.

(b)         You should built rapport and be friendly.


6.         Who might be a highly probable candidate for our hassle free home sale program?


(a)   Keep in mind that not everyone will be interested in our hassle free home sale program, however there are certain situations that may cause someone to be a probable candidate.  Such as:

·        Job transfer

·        Divorce

·        Death in the family

·        Inherited the property

·        Burned out landlords – Tired of renting the property

·        Too much maintenance

·        Behind on their payments

·        Downsizing

·        Upsizing

·        Already moved to a new house

·        Out of state owner

·        Judgments or Liens

·        Owes too much to list the property.


 Questions of Concerns?


If you have any questions or concerns or you have found a property and you want to collect your $1000.00 REWARD, please call Eric at 434-964-1026. 

Only one reward will be paid per property, so if you have one in mind call us right away ...  before someone else does, and collects what could have been an easy $1000 for you.